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Temporary Assistance Needy Family (TANF) - Low-Income Working Individuals help For Car Repairs

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Vanessa g
Do they really help you? I got my truck h a year ago and know need a new transmission. Im afraid they wont help me because its from a dealer.
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TexzTornado   in reply to kathyannboyts
Kathyannboyts...RUN as far as you can from them!! Because, there is no way, the replacement of a water pump should cost as much as a used transmission...useless your driving a foreign car? Most water pump/part usually cost in range of $175 rebuilt/refurbished, $75-80 at car salvage yard...IF, you can find a good trust worthy mechanic to install it for you, should cost with labor (IF YOU, buy the part!) ball park estimate and part situation...$250-400 depending on make of car. Actual Auto dealerships WILL CHARGE OUTRAGEOUSLY!!! Try'n find a certified trust worthy mechanic that will install it for you. Ask around network!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Tigeress
Hi the person u posted to hasn't been on here sent 2009 . I don't know of any place that fix cars for free. I know in some state s if u work welfare will pay up to 1000 to get it fix that all the info that I know about getting a car fix. Good Luck and God Bless
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I am trying to get my car fixed so I can get to and from work as well as take my child to school.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to boopy
The person u just posted to hasn't been on sent 09 but far as your car goes I don't know anyone that fixs car u pick people up from all over the world on here. There no cash on this site the ones on here are homeless almost homeless no food with baby's not able to pay there bills God Bless
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I am on SSI and have had over 21 surgeries, just got over colon cancer. I live on 721.00 and need my car fixed. Can you please help me..
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woman in a shoe   in reply to ajemmett
U welcome
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ajemmett   in reply to woman in a shoe
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woman in a shoe   in reply to ajemmett
Hi the person u posted to hasn't been on sent 09 sorry
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We've been through 4 cars, and not because of neglect, but because every car we have gotten has major problems but was our only choice. I take the local rtd for a 1 and half hour trip to drop off and pick up my kiddo from school everyday that I have her (shared custody) that means in the cold weather too and in a vehicle it would only take 20min. We just want to be able to get on our feet, and we are trying so hard! I'm too young to fail, I just need a helping hand so it's possible to keep going. God bless.
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Gabby2773   in reply to Gretta1
I agree with you, Gretta. I work for minimum wage and have 3 kids. Single mom and get food stamps. My sister makes good money and occasionally takes us out to eat, buys me a pair of nice shoes or takes me to get a nice haircut or dye myhir. Whatever i choose. She likes seeing my kids and i look nice. The fact that people are on assistance and look nice does not mean they are taking advantage of the system.i hatr when people judge without knowing other people's stories.
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hi , i am divorced and living on one paycheck. I work 30-35 hours a week. last week, i took my car in for an oil change and they said i had a leak in my water pump.....and gave me a quote of 1700.oo to fix it!!! there is no way i can pay that. please let me know if i can get help in any way. thank you
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truth shiner   in reply to tiredoftheracecard
Look how ignorant people can be these may not be exact numbers but it shows the real picture
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the 30 day foundation out of Minneapolis Mn is a great resource for people on different kinds of assistance needs. So check it out.
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Gretta1   in reply to tiredoftheracecard
I understand your frustration. There are still honest hard working people that are down on their luck who need a little help. That is what the welfare system is for. I have known people that have needed the help. Worked for companies for years and their positions were eliminated. They have a mortgage, children, and working 2 jobs. But still not enough to make ends meet. They are embarrassed every time they go through the checkout line with their access card. There is no reason to scream and yell in the welfare office. There is guidelines. But maybe the person with their nails done was a gift to a single mom who is doing her best, or has a job interview and someone wanted to give her something that would make her feel more confidant. There is people on welfare that cut coupons, go through adds every week trying to stretch what they are given. There is people that take advantage of the system. But not everyone!
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Hello i work part time and do not have the funds to fix my car...its my way to work and kinda my place of living..... plz how do i the assistance i need for this.program ?
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Comingback   in reply to Harvey11
I have a truck that needs repair so I can get to work and get a better job Centre trying to rebuild my life Thank ypu
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DawnMarie8251961   in reply to Dj sha
I have to get Lexie ready for back soon.
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Dj sha   in reply to DawnMarie8251961
Check thur my post did you see inspirations page she is also very helpful and does resumes for people but unless you search her I havent seen her post here
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DawnMarie8251961   in reply to Dj sha
oh, thank see. Maybe I was hoping someone that mean and evil wasn't real.....I don't know ...but thank you for explaining it to me. Much Love.
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